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Is therapy right for me?
The simple answer is, if you want to make a change in your life, therapy can help. Therapy can benefit anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. I have found that while there are a number of factors that make therapy “successful,” the most important one is you, the client. It takes courage, commitment, and vulnerability to get the most out of therapy. So if you are ready to learn more about yourself, overcome barriers, develop healthier habits, and improve relationships, I’m here for you.    

How long are sessions?
Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length.

How do I decide if you’re a good fit?
Here are questions you may want to ask yourself:

  1. Would I feel comfortable sharing more with this therapist?
  2. Do I feel respected and heard?
  3. Do I think this therapist is knowledgeable and can really help me?
  4. Does this therapist use language that reflects an understanding of my background and identities?

How often do we meet?
Typically, sessions occur once per week. We may decide to increase or decrease the frequency of visits depending on progress and need.

How long will I be in treatment?
Length of treatment depends on the presenting issue and the goals of treatment. Brief treatment might be as short as three to five sessions while longer term therapy might last several years. We will collaborate to determine the length of treatment that is both clinically appropriate and best meets your needs.

How should I make the most of my therapy experience?

Sometimes it might not be clear where to start or what to talk about. Before starting therapy, you might have certain ideas or expectations for how to be in therapy, such as not disagreeing with the therapist or not asking many questions. Below are a few things that might be helpful to get the most out of your therapy:

What can I expect from my first counseling appointment?

The first session is called an Initial Consultation appointment. You will be asked to complete important paperwork online, prior to your first appointment. You can expect to meet with a therapist for 60 minutes, at which time the therapist will gather some additional information regarding the main concern for coming in.

What do I do if I need help right away?

In the case that you are in urgent need or in an emergency situation, please call 9-1-1 immediately. Additionally, you may receive 24/7 Crisis Support as follows:

What is considered an emergency/crisis situation?

An emergency/crisis experience is individually based, depending on what it feels like for you based on your “normal”. Some examples of a need for an emergency/crisis counseling session, include:

What if I want to switch therapists?

Most of the time, clients feel connected with their therapist. There are times, however, when it may just not feel like a good fit. Although it might feel hard, we believe it is best to speak directly with your therapist and let them know you would like to change therapists and terminate counseling services. We do not get angry or offended when clients want to change therapists, though we do find it is helpful to talk about the reasons you want to change to figure out how to best suit your needs.

Are you Ready to do the soul work?

Are you ready to work with a therapist that’s skilled and passionate about helping people make meaningful changes in their lives and relationships?

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